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A world of beauty that is completely free of blemishes, wrinkles and excessive sebum production may never exist. Certain factors can affect the way our skin reacts, for instance, a change in the environment, hormones, lifestyle choices or the products we use on our skin makes it behave differently. It can often feel like a constant battle, although quick fixes for these common skincare problems seem to be forever on the rise – let’s face it, we all have them! but the key to tackling them one at a time is to find long-term solutions through good skincare to solve our skin concerns. Which is why AquaGem Skincare is putting common skin concerns under the spotlight as our products have been cleverly formulated to help prevent them.

Hormones can hugely affect the natural melanin levels within our skin, which result in discolouration on the surface of it known as pigmentation. Often triggered by exposure to the sun and past inflammation like acne, pigmentation marks can form anywhere over the face in the form of small brown spots, like freckles but only darker or sometimes larger and in misshapen blotches. These marks often require more than a little concealer to cover up and get rid of, it is suggested that skincare with ingredients rich in vitamins and  SPF protection from the sun rays can help fade, reduce and prevent existing pigmentation from getting worse. 

Skin pigmentation can also be a post-inflammatory result of acne scars, redness or skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Eczema can be the bane of all skin concerns (sigh), one of the most common skin conditions that exist; scaly, itchy, and often cracking skin are often genetic and can be caused and exacerbated by external factors like environmental aggressors, diet and stress. Quenching dehydrated skin with products containing gamma-linolenic acids, the healthy omega-6 fatty acids are great for maintaining skin moisture and helping alleviate symptoms associated with eczema-prone skin. 

Excess sebum can lead to acne, yet not enough sebum can cause dry skin. Sebum is the body’s natural oils, produced in the sebaceous glands directly onto the surface of the skin and primarily used as a way to keep the skin moisturised. 

Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum leading to prominent large pores, acne and all things greasy. In a bid to stay completely shine-free cleansing regularly helps remove clogged dirt and grime without stripping it of too many oils. 

One of the most important things you can do for your skin is to help protect it from sun damage and other environmental conditions and take a proactive approach by using the right skincare to prevent future skin problems before they arise.

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