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We used to live in an era when skincare routine used to be simple and hustle-free. For example, most of the skincare regimens included: cleaning hands, rinsing the face, and applying moisturizers. With time, our skincare routine became extensive and started to include serums, toners, face masks, oils and many other products.

Have you ever imagined that quite a few skincare tools and devices will take the place next to all of your skincare and beauty products? Yes, the world of skincare has evolved with ever-smarter technology. High-tech beauty tools and gadgets have revolutionized the skincare game and shaken up the beauty industry and technology has made it even easier by bringing up the at-home-skincare-tools for us.

Now let’s talk about the best skincare tools out there, which have proven to be very useful and see their benefits!

1. Face Massaging Tools:

With various shapes and sizes, the face massaging tools can work magic on your skin by improving blood circulation in the skin, de-puff the skin, contribute to the lifting effect, and relieve tension.

Many ancient traditions also included the use of face massaging tools, such as facial rollers, stones (gua sha), and massage wands. Let’s have a glimpse of each massaging device and its benefits:

  1. Facial Roller: As the name suggests, facial rollers roll over your skin in upward, downward, and circular motions. Facial rollers firm up your jawline and cheekbones. When rolled in between your eyebrows, facial rollers relax the “angry 11” area.
  2. Gua SHA: Many beauty rituals and Chinese traditions have included Gua SHA as a healing stone. Gua SHA relieves the puff-prone areas of the skin, for example under the eyes and cheeks. The pressure points on your face and body are radically relieved from muscle tension. Gua SHA also contributes to lymphatic drainage.
  3. Massage Wands: They are used in circular and gentle movement all over the face to improve lymphatic drainage and relieve

2. Face Lifting Tools:

Face lifting tools are best for stimulating facial muscles and require only five to twenty-minute sessions. You’ll get a more toned and firmer complexion by using the following face lifting devices:

  1. Trinity Facial Toning Device: You can get an at-home facelift with this device. The gentle microcurrents of this device provide you with a more contoured and lifted face. This device is known as “a workout for face” because it tightens and tones the facial muscles.
  2. Carat Face Tool: ReFa (A Japanese brand) has introduced this amazing tool. The solar- derived energy releases microcurrents that perfectly shape the cheekbones by stimulating muscles.

 3. Anti-Ageing Tools:

Now, you can treat wrinkles and dull skin by using the anti-ageing LED light tools. Different-colored LED lights are specialized in treating different skin problems. The most popular anti-ageing tools include:

  1. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite Faceware Pro: This device contains three LED lights: red, blue, and a combination of red and blue light. Red light contributes to the production of collagen. Blue light causes a reduction in inflammation, fine lines, and discoloration of the skin. Red plus blue light provides all the advantages as mentioned above at the same time.
  1. The MMSphere 2.0: Upgrade your skincare routine with this at-home tool with three LED lights: red, blue, and green. Acne causing bacteria and inflammation are reduced by blue light. Red light treats itchy and flaky Greenlight stimulates the synthesis of collagen and improves it.

 4. Cleansing Tools:

Breakouts on your skin are most commonly caused by bacteria. Skincare technology has now introduced bacteria-repelling tools that aim to fight blemishes, acne, and blackheads. Some examples of such tools are:

  1. Foreo LUNA mini 2: Your skin becomes free of oil, make-up residues, and dirt with this cleansing device that uses T-sonic pulsations.
  2. Clarisonic Mia Smart: With its gentle oscillating motions, this face cleanser removes dead skin cells from your face and unclogs the pores. It removes every bit of make-up and helps to control sebum production.


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