Skincare Trends that Live up to the Hype

There’s no denying we all love discovering new aesthetically pleasing skincare trends that look great on our social media feeds, with so many trends popping up AquaGem Skincare is here to share our favourite skincare trends.

The phenomenal ‘K-beauty’ trophy title has been fittingly handed to Korean beauty for revolutionising the industry with their innovative beauty concepts – and we have not been disappointed. Whilst K-beauty continues to dominate the skincare game, consistently delivering effective new beauty trends that claim to harness the power of some of nature’s most amazing skin-transforming ingredients, we too want in on their over-indulgent multi-step skincare methods. Whether you have quenched your thirst for the latest Asian beauty trends or are a self-proclaimed beginner, we’ve all heard of Glass Skin. The K-Beauty Glass Skin trend that has dominated the beauty and cosmetics industry for the last couple of years still looks as appealing as ever – who doesn’t want skin that looks as clear as glass? Straight out of the Korean beauty market, Glass Skin resembles a flawless complexion naturally exuberating reflective dewiness that can be achieved by paying particular attention to ensuring the skin is optimally hydrated throughout the day using moisture-retaining products. What’s not to love about it?

Another trend the skincare industry has fallen head over heels with lately is CBD oil and Cannabis-infused beauty. Derived from the non-psychoactive components of the Cannabis plant and officially referred to as Cannabidiol (CBD). The perfectly legal to indulge in CBD oil is seemingly more than just a passing trend, some of the worlds biggest beauty giants have incorporated the new-age ingredient within their skincare products, for a good reason too! CBD offers skincare benefits that go well beyond hydration, it is being celebrated for its incredibly bioavailable anti-oxidant and protective skin properties.

Recently the demand for anti-pollution beauty products has been on the rise as much as the toxic air levels and indoor air quality. Not only does venturing out on a daily commute impair the skin faster than it can be cleansed, but pollution particles can also speed up the ageing of the skin. Powerful antioxidants ward off all the damaging dust pollution we’re exposed to every day, helping to shield the skin from harmful particles and pollution-related skin concerns including dull complexions, inflammation, sensitised skin, clogged pores and accelerated ageing. This growing trend towards skincare designed to combat the effects of these toxic environmental factors claims to counteract the particulates in the air that lead to damaged skin much like SPF does!

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