Glowing skin on Valentine’s Day: How to prepare?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. You must be giddy with excitement with the thought of a perfect V-day date but also anxious about looking your best. While dressing up in flawless attire is of utmost importance, glowing skin will make the difference.

The key to flawless skin is to prepare it before the big day.

Cleansing: For a healthy and glowing skincare routine, the most essential and basic step is washing your face. Dirt, environmental pollutants, etc. come in with the skin regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to gently remove these pollutants from the skin. Make it a routine to wash your face two times daily with a gentle facial cleanser. It will help to avoid dullness, clogged pores, or acne.

Toning: After cleansing, give your skin a boost by applying toner. As toners are full of ingredients that bring your skin’s ph level to normal, using it will contribute to a better absorption of the following products. Most of the toners can be used twice a day, but if using any exfoliating acid as a toner, it is recommended to use it every other day or only at night.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells with the help of either a granular substance like a scrub or an exfoliation tool. Exfoliation also helps in improving the absorption of skincare products, hence enhancing their effectiveness. With regular exfoliation, there will be a fewer breakout, fewer clogged pores and skin will be brighter. However, it is recommended not to exfoliate on the same day as Valentine’s as it can leave redness or tiny bumps on the skin. Exfoliate your skin with a glowing scrub in days approaching Valentine’s day.

Moisturizing: Moisturizing the skin makes it hydrated and soft because the loss of water from the outer layers of skin is prevented with the help of moisturizers. Daily activities can reduce the number of natural hydrating agents from the skin. After cleansing skin, moisturize your skin with a moisturizer of your choice (e.g. Aquagem Skincare Cheat Code Lightweight Moisturizer J) to have a healthy sheen on the skin and protect your skin from environmental damage.

Massage: The most relaxing and gentle way to prepare the skin is by doing a massage. Massage improves blood circulation in the skin and aids in increasing skin glow. You can opt for professional beauty services at your favourite dermatologist or spa. Plan your perfect day at the spa and get yourself pampered. You can also do many various massages at home. There are plenty of beauty massage tools on the market including Gua Sha, quartz roller or tonning devices. Pair your tool of choice with some massaging cream. You could also do a massage using your fingers. Remember to always go in an upward direction.

Face Masks:  Masks became our staple and we can’t really imagine a week without them, let alone such a special day such as V-Day. There are a plenty options of facemasks on the market including sheetmasks, peelmasks, bubble masks, sleepmasks and etc., you name them! It’s a quick and easy way to prepare your skin for a date as it will moisturize, nourish and leave your skin glowing. You could also go for undereye patches which will make you look fresher and energized.

Rest: Have you heard of the term beauty sleep? It is important to get the right amount of rest before your special day (and every day too) in order to look your best. Your skin is healing during the sleep time and it’s blood flow increases. That in turn contributes to collagen rebuilding, repair of damage caused by UV exposure and reduction in wrinkles. So go ahead and have a restful night!

There is no chance that you cannot look your best with glowing and radiant skin on this Valentine’s day. Follow the tips and be ready to wow your Valentine or just feel great about yourself!







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