If you made it to this page, that means you’re a real GEM and you want to know more about our philosophy and values. We believe that whatever we do has an impact – be it social or environmental – and that’s why every step we take on our journey is conscientiously and responsibly made.
We don’t claim to be the world’s saviours; it takes a lot of resources to put a product out in the market, but we are dedicated to making sure our practices are as safe and clean as possible, and that we maintain that mentality throughout our development.
This is how we do it…


As much as possible, we try to avoid using any harmful ingredients that may have adverse effects both on the environment and on your skin. That’s why we choose organic, renewable and responsibly sourced ingredients and materials! We don’t work with ingredients unless they demonstrate direct positive impacts on your skin, and we don’t need to – we’re focused on the long-term benefits. You won’t see alcohol, silicones or parabens on our ingredients list, but you will see things like Camellia Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Squalene.


Yes, our products are safe for vegans – they do not contain any animal-derived elements, nor are our formulas or finished products tested on animals, and they never will be, because we don’t sell to or promote in countries that enforce animal testing! Our ingredients are sourced from plants and minerals, and are enhanced with safe synthetics, suitable for vegans. We have ensured that our supply chain is consistent with our beliefs, and so we’ve only partnered with manufacturers who share similar values.


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