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Aquagem Skincare took its roots from the Baltic Sea region. Inspiration came from an ancient gemstone – Amber. Over 40 million years ago, favourable environmental conditions contributed to its birth and throughout history this unique stone has played an important role in various cultural, medical and crafting practices. 

But you may ask what’s about it and what makes it so special

Actually, it’s not the stone itself, it’s what is trapped inside! Amber Acid (a.k.a. Succinic Acid) is what truly makes our products unique. Known to be a natural antioxidant, this acid has many benefits for the skin including acceleration of cell regeneration process, protection from damaging free radicals, anti-ageing properties and many many others. And that’s exactly why we couldn’t keep this secret any longer and wanted to share it with the World! 

Aquagem Skincare was founded in 2018 upon the passion of the founders Arina and Anna to harness this ancient knowledge and combine it with modern science and technology, to create something truly unique and special.

We source Amber from its origin and extract the Succinic Acid, or Amber Acid, that is has become the foundation for our products.


Our mission is to provide innovative skincare solutions focused on preventative action. Skincare plays an important role in all of our lives in many ways, and so we create our products conscientiously, with social, health and environmental factors in mind. Taking action early by employing our skincare solutions will help you to preserve healthy, youthful skin with ease.


Amber Acid is often referred to as “clever acid”, due to its ability to target weakened cells in the epidermis and restore them without impacting strong, healthy cells.


Ancient Greeks and Egyptians recognized the powerful healing properties of Amber and even used it as a substitute to modern antibiotics!


People living in the Baltic Sea region have been fortunate enough to have had access to raw Amber for thousands of years. We want to share this incredible gift with you, so that’s why we at Aquagem have bottled it up for all the rest of you GEMS out there!


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